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Have you ever spent most of your riding time trying to communicate with your riding partner by yelling into their helmet?


Have you ever had something go wrong and tried helplessly to get the attention or your riding partner while they ride off into the sunset? Then it's 15 minutes before they realize you're gone and they have no idea where you are!


"Helmet Comm" Gives You Better Communication!

"Helmet Comm" keeps you connected, delivering state-of-the-art rider-to-rider communication in those sports that require a helmet. "Helmet Comm" connects to almost all VHF and UHF 2-way radios, giving you up to 10 miles of in-line-of-sight communication and the ability to maintain communication through significant geographical barriers such as hills, mountains, trees, etc.

"Helmet Comm" Gives You More Power!

"Helmet Comm" in conjunction with a VHF or UHF 2-way radio delivers several times the power and effectiveness of GRMS communication radio.

"Helmet Comm" Gives You More Flexibility!

"Helmet Comm" offers you the option of installing in almost any helmet and connecting to almost any VHF or UHF 2-way radio, plus accessories. This gives you numerous purchase and operational choices.

"Helmet Comm" Gives You Easier Installation!

"Helmet Comm" does not require professional installation, allowing almost anyone to install and connect "Helmet Comm."

"Helmet Comm" Gives You More and Costs You Less!

"Helmet Comm" includes the crystal clear sound binaural speakers, noise canceling push-to-talk microphone, helmet-mount base with high mount antenna, and all attaching portals, wires and cables for the antenna, microphone, and speakers for only $ 99.00.


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