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General Features of the IC-F3S and IC-F4S Specifications IC-F3S and IC-F4S Transmitter Specifications IC-F3S and IC-F4S Receiver Options for IC-F3S and IC-F4S
  Part # Name Description
OPTIONS AD-81 Charger Adapter AC adapter for rapid charger (BC-119)
and multi-charger (BC-121)
BC-110A/D/V Wall Trickle Charger charges the connected battery pack
BC-119 Desktop Rapid Charger for rapid charging battery pack
(charging time 1-1.5 hours). AC
adapter (AD-81) is supplied
with charger.
BC-121 Multi-Charger for rapid charging up to 6 battery
packs simultaneously (charging time
1-1.5 hours). Six AC adapters
(AD-81) are required. One AC
adapter may be supplied, depending
on the version.
BC-133 Drop-In Charger charges connected battery pack
BP-194 Battery Case battery case for 8 AA(R6) batteries
BP-195 Battery Pack 9.6 V/700 mAh Ni-Cd
BP-196 Battery Pack 9.6 V/1050 mAh Ni-Cd
CP-12L Cigarette Lighter Cable
with Noise Filter
allows you to charge a battery pack
connected to the transceiver via a
DC power source (12-16 V DC), for
charging ONLY--the transceiver can
not be simultaneously operated
HM-46 Speaker Microphone slim dimensions, equipped with
earphone jack and transmit indicator
HM-54 Speaker Microphone for operation while hanging the
transceiver from your belt
HM-75A Speaker Microphone allows you to remotely select
operating channels, etc.
HS-51 Headset for hands-free operation, includes
VOX, PTT and "one touch" PTT with
a time-out timer
MB-68 Belt Clip allows you to attach the transceiver
to your belt
OPC-254L DC Charging Cable for charging ONLY--the transceiver
can not be simultaneously operated
SP-13 Earphone provides clear audio in
noisy environments
UT-80 2-Tone Unit provides the transceiver with 2-tone
decode capability
UT-96 5-Tone Unit provides the transceiver with 5-tone
encode/decode capability
UT-105 SmarTrunk II Logic Board provides SmarTrunk II trunking
capabilities for telephone
interconnect and unit-to-unit calling
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