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STEP 2: Helmet Comm Base Installation

2A: Connect the antenna from your radio to the Helmet Comm "base". It will need to be in place on the "base" for the following step, and remember, the antenna will always need to be connected when you use your Helmet Comm.

2B: Now lightly draw a line on your helmet where you want to position the "base" of your Helmet Comm. In placement of the "base", you should consider where your microphone will be positioned, and that the placement does not interfere with the opening and closing of your face shield.

2C: Place the velcro square included with your Helmet Comm on the side of your helmet in the middle of where your "base" will set. This velcro square will connect to the velcro piece on the backside of the "base" and help secure your "base" to your helmet.

2D: Next, attach the "pin" into the "base" of your Helmet Comm by squeezing the two sides of the "pin" together and inserting the ends into the holes at the bottom of the Helmet Comm clasp.

2E: Now attach your "base" onto your helmet. Do this by pulling against the "pin" at the bottom of your "base" and opening it up while you push your "base" up onto the side of your helmet. Depending on how the inside padding is constructed in your helmet, you may need to pull the padding away from your helmet at the point where the clasp goes up on the inside of your helmet. You should push your base upwards onto the side of your helmet until the bottom of your helmet rests in the bottom of the clasp.

2F: After firmly attaching the "base" of your Helmet Comm onto your helmet, remove the "pin". Do this by squeezing the two sides of the pin together and lifting it out. Be sure to save your "pin" for when you may wish to "remove" and "re-attach" your "base" in the future.

2G: Insert the "plug" for your "speakers" into rear of the "base" of your Helmet Comm.

2H: Insert the "plug" for your "remote mic switch" into the bottom of the "base" of your Helmet Comm (Note: this step is not necessary if you have not purchased the "Remote Mic Switch" accessory).

"Click Here" for STEP 3 (last step) of Installation Instructions

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