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STEP 1: Speaker Placement and Installation

1A: Begin the installation of your Helmet Comm by putting on your helmet and feeling with your hand approximately where your ears are positioned against the interior padding of your helmet.

1B: An indented area in the padding of your helmet close to your ears is a good place to initially place the speakers. Remember, you will receive excellent sound quality with the speakers placed anywhere in the area of padding close to your ears, and the indented area will help to keep the speakers from interfering with the feel and fit of your helmet. Feel free to experiment with speaker placement. You may wish to use a piece of scotch tape to hold the speakers in place in your helmet until you have decided exactly where you wish to place them. Many people find that they prefer actually cutting out an area in the helmet padding for their speakers.

1C: Once you have determined the best place for the installation of your Helmet Comm speakers, remove the piece of velcro from the back of the speakers and then remove the plastic backing from that piece of velcro. This will expose a side with a strong adhesive with which to attach your speakers in the position you have chosen. The adhesive side will stick to your padding or to your helmet plastic or fiberglass.

1D: Start with attaching the speaker on the "right" side of your helmet. It is important to use the speaker at the end of the speaker wire to put on the "right" side.

1E: Once you have attached the "right" speaker, take the speaker wire that runs to the "left" speaker and tuck it into the padding at the back base of your helmet as you work your way around to attach the speaker on the "left" side of your helmet.

1F: After attaching the speaker on the "left" side of your helmet, you should have the end of the speaker wire, with the plug on it, coming out on the "left" side of your helmet.

"Click Here" for STEP 2 of Installation Instructions

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