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General Features of the IC-F3S and IC-F4S Specifications IC-F3S and IC-F4S Transmitter Specifications IC-F3S and IC-F4S Receiver Options for IC-F3S and IC-F4S
Part # Description SP-120 SP-130 SP-140 SP-150
550-070-2000 Spring Loaded Belt Clip x x x x
ACC-101VB VHF Antenna (162-174 MHz)       x
ACC-101VLB VHF Antenna (150-162 MHz)       x
ACC-104UW UHF Antenna (440-470 MHz)       x
ACC-404 4-Station Conditioning Charger       x
ACC-701 Speaker/Microphone       x
CA-2503 VHF Stubby antenna x x x  
CA-2506 VHF Antenna x x x  
CA-5502 UHF Stubby Antenna x x x  
CA-5506 UHF Antenna x x x  
CA-1410C Wall Charger (110 V AC) x      
CA-2510-2 Wall Charger (220 V AC) x      
MPA-1200 Ni-Cd Battery pack (1200 mAh)   x x x
MPA-1400H Ni-MH Battery Pack (1400 mAh)       x
QPA-700 Ni-Cd Battery Pack (700 mAh) x      
QPA-1130 Dual Slot/Dual Rate "Smart" Desktop Charger x x x x
QPA-1135 Pedestal Charger x x x x
QPA-1200 Ni-Cd Battery Pack (1200mAh) x      
QPA-1421 Speaker/Microphone with Angled Connector x      
QPA-1422 Deluxe Speaker/Microphone with Angled Connector x x x  
QPA-1423 2 Wire Palm Microphone x x x  
QPA-1424 Coil-Cord Earphone (for use with QPA-1422) x x x  
QPA-1480 Voice Operated/Push-to-Talk mini-VOX control and headset x x x  
QPA-1491 Leather Case with Swivel x x x x
QPA-1495 Nylon Case x x x x

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