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"4 GREAT WAYS" to get your "HELMET COMM" !
  1. Purchase a "Helmet Comm" for your own 2-Way Radio.

    You do not need to purchase a new radio when you purchase a "Helmet Comm". One of the main features of a "Helmet Comm" is that it is
    very adaptable to almost all brands of VHF and UHF radios.

    CALL US TOLL FREE AT 888-713-2589

  2. Purchase a Combo Special !!

    Featured "Range" - up to 10 miles in "line of sight" conditions !

    This is a special package combining "Helmet Comm" and a hard working Maxon SP-120 Radio, giving you an outstanding performance at a
    super saving price !

  3. Purchase a Helmet Comm and a Maxon Radio.

    Place a "Helmet Comm" with one of the many fine choices of Maxon Radios and create a winning combination.

  4. Purchase a Helmet Comm and an Icom Radio.

    Place a "Helmet Comm" with one of the many fine choices of Icom Radios and you'll have a duo that's hard to beat.

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